Museo del Jamón de Atocha

Atocha Street is the link between the ancient Madrid or Austrias Madrid and the Paseo del Prado or the Glorieta de Atocha, where is located a more modern Madrid represented by the high speed Train Station next to the Old Atocha Train Station, and another interesting touristic destinies such as Museo del Prado , the Modern Art Centre Reina Sofía, the Botanical Garden, etc.

Atocha Street has been and still is one of the most important streets of Madrid, representing an East – West axis that crosses the capital centre. Another pedestrian parallel axis will be built shortly, it will go by few meters away from Atocha Street . One stop in this path to taste the exquisite flavour of our cuisine willmake your the journey more pleasant.

Contact details:

C/ Atocha, 54, Madrid.
Telephone: 91 369 22 04

How to get there:

Metro de Madrid Antón Martín

Carta Gran Vía Más Fotos

Autobús EMT Autobús número 18, 22, 86.

Aparcamiento Privado Atocha 70.